1. About us

We are a group of developers and coders ( software developer ). We are all busy but we would like to build something together.

2. Which advantages can you have joining us?

Each group member can access projects hosted in our open repository. Everyone in the group can work together with others to develop its projects. It will be easier for all us to develop projects fast and towards innovative directions by working on others' projects. We will obtain new knowledge that maybe precluded working alone.

3. What do we do together?

We want to create a common development place, where everyone, putting his hand to code, can learn from each other to build projects together. Everyone, handling directly the code, can learn from other members.

4. Which technology will be adopted?

We don't adopt particularly any technology and we don't contest or ostracize any one.

5. How do we release our software?

The projects of the group are Open-source and the set of licences available is limited to: [GPL and GPL-compatible, BSD, MIT, Apache, Mozilla, Eclipse, DTFYW]

6. Who can read our code?

Anyone, anywhere in the world can access to the code developed within the group without actually being an active part. Everyone, in other words, has the right to checkout our projects even without being a member.

7. How are projects managed?

Each project has one or more project managers. To work on a project, in order to avoid chaos, you must be part of the group and request authorization to the project leader. If you want to bring the project in different directions, you can fork it becoming responsible for the fork.

8. How can I join ZenCoders?

If you want to join the ZenCoders Group you can send an email to a ZenCoders group member and we will organize a video call ( skype, hangouts, etc. ) to see and welcome you.

9. How much will it cost?

Nothing. The group doesn't require any membership fee.

10. Will I earn money?

We don't earn any money! ZenCoders is totally a nonprofit group, now and forever! The main advantage to develop software within ZenCoders group is that you increase your experience and visibility.


Mail us on hacklab||ZenCoders.org

Join our project or ask to create your own on github

Join the official #zencoders IRC channel on Freenode

. We are waiting for you!